Hearing music at night is very good compared to daytime 

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          We all know about the sound waves they are in transverse in motion. That means to compress and rarefaction takes place in each second. Sound wave speed depends on the medium but light waves are independent of the medium. Sound waves travel faster in solid than air. Speed of sound in air is 330 m/s in iron is 5971 m/s. sound waves also depend on the pressure, density and humidity of the surrounding.
 In high humidity water molecules placed on the air is high. The density of the water is lower than the air that increases the speed of the sound in the humid air. Let’s come back to the topic.
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In the daytime, heat air is placed near the surface of the earth and cold air above the atmosphere. In the night time, the hot air placed above the surrounding and cold air near the surrounding of the earth. If sound waves passed through it in the daytime sound waves refracted and send to the upper atmosphere. In the night time, the light travels in the cold air. Each time the upper hot air refract the sound wave into the surface of the earth.
This shows that in the morning all sound waves wasted and they travel away from the surrounding but in the night the sound waves travel mostly near the surface of the earth.


      The sound wave travels faster in the hot air than cold air because molecules of air move faster in the hot air. This means that sound wave refracted when it travels from hot air to cold air and cold air to hot air.


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