Let’s see about the Chocolates

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  Apart from age, everybody loves chocolates more than millions of chocolate varieties are available now. Birthday celebration; Wedding; Appeared in the exam and all other sweet memories of everyone is bound with chocolates. We give the chocolates to share our love and happiness. Chocolates are the favourite friend of all children. All credits go to the Chocolate lady Rooth Crave Wakefield. She created the chocolate.
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     In 1924, Buckingham citizen Rooth Crave Wakefield One of the food expert and also an Architect. She bought the hotel “Toll House Inn” with her husband. After that, she always worked for that Hotel. This hotel became popular for her “Butter Drop”. After that, she tried to make sweet dishes that became popular and then she created chocolates in different shapes and tastes. The recipe of this hotel bought from the worlds one of the best chocolate company Nestle.
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