What is the real independence for our nation

Today is our nation’s 72nd independence day. We celebrate this very well today. Most of us celebrated by the way of posts and shares of India related contents to say there wishes to everyone. But what’s the real independence. It’s quite tricky.credit: third party image reference
People believe that rights are created by the own country is independence. Most of us thought that the freedom is, right to express our thought to the nation without any restriction. That’s not the real independence
credit: third party image reference
Tamil poet Bharathi states that the Independence is based on the women freedom. Which country gives the equal rights for both men and women that nation is truly independent and that nation’s people also truly independent.
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Bharathi simply states that a woman with huge amount of jewels on her body. She came back to her destination after a long walk without affect the jewel and her virginity Is the true independence that day we will celebrate the real independence day.
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But the true thing is even the time you read this article some of the lady in the country harmed by the crual person.


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